First aid courses

A first aid course teaches you the skills of the 'first responder', whose immediate actions can help save a life.

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Courses are taught at AUT North Campus:

AUT Sport and Fitness Centre
AH Building
90 Akoranga Drive 


Full course

  • AUT staff / students: $200
  • Community (public): $250

Refresher or re-certification

  • AUT staff / students: $140
  • Community (public): $150

Re-certification prerequisites

Who should attend? All holders of a First Aid Certificate, prior to the 2-year certificate expiry date. After a First Aid Certificate has expired, certificate holders have 3 months to renew.

All holders of a First Aid Certificate, evidence/copy of previous certificate is required.

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You can pay your course fee online through our secure online portal.

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First aid courses are offered at the North Gym only.

How to book

Spaces are limited. You can call or email us to book a course:

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